Freak Camp: Fanfiction Meets Community

By nature, fan fiction is an interactive form of creative expression, creating a give and take both between the show that inspires the stories and the author, and between the author and the readers. Occasionally, a piece of fan fiction can create a following of its own, inspiring the readers to become active participants in the story by contributing their own creative works to it. The epic Supernatural fan fiction A Monster by Any Other Name on Livejournal is an example of a work that has cultivated a fan base from which more creative works have been spurred. Both the fact that the story is primarily hosted on Livejournal, as well as the authors’ use of pathos in communicating with their readers and creating a more individual and personal bond to the story, have led to long-term creative involvement of the readers with the story and community.

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Intro Post

Hello, and welcome to spn_analysis! I'm your friendly neighborhood mod, Casye, aka writewanderlust

This community was the brainchild of Jenevieve (therellbepeace3) who, while a huge fan of the show, Supernatural, is also fascinated by the subculture that has formed around fandom, specifically on Livejournal and Tumblr. I got sucked in along the way, and here we are! 

Basically, the purpose of this comm is to write meta both about fandom in general and Supernatural itself. Essays and metas can be written about anything, from shipping, to character development, to plot devices, etc, etc, etc. You get the idea. Our goal is to explore all the different elements of fandom, work our brains a little, and have some fun along the way! 

If you have an interesting meta you'd like to see written, just give us a shout-out! Happy blogging! 
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